Training will always be tailored to your needs, but will be based on readily available modules. All training is based on my own experience, complemented with theory and tools. Not a professional trainer who passes on wisdom from the books, but my own successes and failures as the basis.


The three sessions below serve to give you an idea of what I can do for you.


You want to do advisory assignments in your organisation, so you need consulting skills.

Large consulting firms all have their own approach to consulting. But they share a common set of tools and methods. These are excellent skills for everyone who ever needs to provide advise in a report or presentation as part of their job.


These courses can be organised from groups up to 2o participants


Multiple options are available

  • Knowledge Booster: a 1-3 hour session on a specific topic. Longer sessions include an exercise
  • One day: 3-5 topics in a single theme. For instance: from client question to hypothesis: focus your work for maximum impact.
  • Multiple days: 3-5 days, working on a full consulting life cycle from client question to proposal.
  • Coaching - individual .


You want to prepare for public speaking. Or for a role as a presenter. Learn how to delivery your presentation clear and attractively

One of the best things that can happen to you is the opportunity to present to an audience. How do you optimise that to perfectly present your point?


These courses can be organised from groups up to 15 participants. It is recommended to keep the group size small. Typical topics are:


  • Storytelling: a good presentation tells a story. But how do you tell a story about a specific professional topic?
  • Storyboarding: a technique to build your story, either individually or as a group. Based on the principles developed in the film industry.
  • Presentation Techniques: you have a great presentation, now how do you deliver it well? Topics include use of voice, space, body and the audience.
  • Coaching: individual support to work towards a specific presentation, tailored to your individual needs.


You want to run better meetings, whether they are short functional or longer design meetings. You want more creativity and involvement.

Collaboration needs communication: when you work together, you have to talk. As social creatures we like to work together. Then why is it we don't equally like to be in meetings? I believe meetings are important and should be fun, that is the foundational believe behind these courses.


Courses can be run from short knowledge boosters to multiple day. Suggested topics are:


  • Repeating meetings: your typical daily and weekly meeting, often run as a chore. How can you improve them? We'll take your regular meetings as our starting point and re-design them for better results.
  • Short meetings: typically around 1 hour, focused on a single topic. How to use my meeting canvas to prepare them better, more focussed, and run them with more interaction.
  • Long meetings: typically one or multiple days long. These need to be supported by a facilitator. In this course, I will teach you how to design and run meetings as a true facilitator.